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Mongolian historic photos around 1900s

Mongolian historic photos around 1900s

Manlai Baatar Damdinsuren with two of his adjutants. Damdinsuren was Mongolian patriot and nationalist who took part in revival of Mongolian statehood after fall of Ching dynasty in 1911. He was one of commanders who liberated Khovd, capital of western Mongolia from Chinese troops and fought against Chinese in Inner Mongolia.Later, when Mongolian independence was abolished by Chinese warlord Xu Shuzeng in 1919, he was arrested by Chinese and tortured to death in jail. They say, he died standing.

Today, he is remembered as one of great Mongolian nationalist heroes who fought and died for Mongolia.

First car in Mongolia circa 1890-1900

Noble Mongolian woman circa 1900


Togtokh Taij, Inner Mongolia and Mongolian independence fighter in 1911.


Dondogdulam, last Queen-Mother of Mongolia and queen of 8th Bogd Khaan-last theocratical ruler of Mongolia, before the People's Revolution in 1921


A Mongolian noble lord with his queen


Sukhbaatar Damdin, Mongolian nationalist leader who led the People's Revolution of 1921 posed for a photo with his wife Yanjmaa. He contacted Red Army of Soviet Russia seeking military help to fight against White Guard Russians and Chinese warlords who occupied Mongolia. Under brilliant military command of Sukhbaatar, Mongolian Nationalists chased away foreign troops from Mongolia.Today, Sukhbaatar is remembered as one of greatest Mongolian patriots and nationalist leader who made Mongolia independent after 200 year of Ching rule.


Mongolian traitor noble lords who betrayed Mongolian independence in 1919 posing with Chinese warlord Xu Shuzeng , after they signed document abolishing independence of Mongolia.


Mongolian man


Uzemchin Tribal women


Mongolian women


Dondogdulam, last queen-mother of Mongolia posing with adopted daughter. She was queen of 8th Bogd Khaan, last theocratic ruler of Mongolia before the People's Revolution of 1921


Noble lords of Western Mongolia in 1911.


From left:Dilav Khutugt, Buddhist saint born in current day Zavkhan aimag along with another Buddhist saint Jalkhanz Khutugt who served as a Prime Minister of People's Government after 1921.

Noble Mongolian women around circa 1900

Mongolian noble lords with Russian officials around 1911


Women of Uzemchin Tribe


Buriat Mongolian shaman circa 1900

Manlai Baatar Damdinsuren, Mongolian patriot and nationalist military commander in 1911. Damdinsuren helped liberate Khovd, capital of Western Mongolia from chinese troops of Ching Dynasty and fought in Inner Mongolia against Chinese troops. When Chinese warlords occupied Mongolia in 1919 and abolished Mongolian independence, he was arrested and tortured to death. They say, he died standing.

Costume decorations in the back of a Inner Mongolian wrestler

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