Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mongolia is not and wasn't a part of China

Нэг зөрүүд Тайвантай Монгол Хятадын нэг хэсэг мөн, биш, байсан, байгаагүй гэдэг дээр маргалдаад, өөрийгөө болон тусгаар тогтнолоо нотлохын тулд бага сага газар зүйн хичээл заах хэрэгтэй болов, ккк. Хэрвээ дэмжиж байвал сэтгэгдэл хэсэгт англиар бичлэг үлдээнэ үү Монголчуудаа!

I believe that Mongolia wasn't and never won't be a part of China. Please see just some facts on geographical developments of Chinese empires and states.

First empires of China - Xia, Shang & Zhou (2100-256 B.C.)

The Warring States period (475-221 B.C.)

 Qin Empire - China's first unified empire (221-206 B.C.)

Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-220)

The Three Kingdoms Period (220-280)

Jin Dynasty (265-420)

Southern (Liu) & Northern (Wei) Dynasties, 420-589

Sui Dynasty (581-618)

Tang Dynasty (618-907)

Song (960-1279), Liao (907-1125) & Xia (1038-1227)

Mongolian tribes and khanates (12th century 1200)

World map before the Mongols domination period (until the year of 1206)

Mongols (Mongolian Empire) occupied and controlled Mainland China (Geographical term) for over a century until 1368.

Ming dynasty (Yellow coloured state on the below part of the map). Big state on the above part of the map is Mongolian Empire from 1368 till XVII-th century.

Expansion of Qing Empire (The Manchu people are a Tungusic people who originated in Manchuria)

Map of the Qing empire (A.D. 1820). Mongolia was a protectorate of Qing empire. However Mongolia was never occupied by Manchus, but joined by themselves, except Western Mongolia (Oirads).

We claimed our independence in 29-th December of 1911, just after collapse of Qing dynasty and before the independence of China (1-st January of 1912). But RoC tried to colonize Mongolia, and occupied it from 1919 to 1921. Also RoC didn't recognize political freedom of Mongolians in the territory of Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang Uighur.

Claims of Republic of China. But in reality, they control only the island of Taiwan and other small islands surrounding the Taiwan.

Map made by Republic of China

Comparison of claims between RoC & PRC

Imperialist claim of territory loss by some Chinese nationalists (1820 / 1990)

Mongolia's independence was recognized by Republic of China in 1946, and by People's Republic of China in 1949. We joined UN as a member in 1961.

RoC recognized sovereignty of Mongolia in 1946, but shortly thereafter in 1953, due to the deterioration of diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union, RoC revoked this recognition and kept considering it a part of mainland China. In 2002, however, the government under Chen Shui-bian declared that it recognized Mongolia's independence, even though no legislative actions were taken to address concerns over its constitutional claims to Mongolia.

In fact, Taiwan is not recognized by any countries, except 23 countries such as Burkina Faso, Swaziland, Haiti and Nauru. RoC was expelled by General Assembly Resolution 2758 and replaced in all UN organs with the PRC.


Munkhbat Baljnyam said...

Mongolia was never part of china.

Anonymous said...

in previuos history of this country were always fighting to each other. however,mostly northern nomads have win. china or han people was divided into many small empires. Biggest evidence between these two nations are GREAT WALL. Language, script,life style, cultures are 100% different. chinese never controlled Mongolia before. Oppositely,Mongolians were controlled han people. for example: Khubilai khaan's Yuan Dinasty. Manchus were controlled both all Mongolians,current Xinjiang Han or chinese and Tibets. not chinese people or han people. Qing was Manchus Dynasty. Not Chinese or Han peoples dynasty. why han people built the great wall is very interesting question.protect from who?what is the biggest factor to built it by han people for a long time. died millions of people during build great wall. this is truth.First certain reason is han people was scared the northern nomads, who is an ancestors of current Mongolians and Uighurs. second reason is culture and life style and religions. han people praying for land, nomads praying for sky. The great wall is world first official border in human history and one of the biggest object in the world . there dont have any other countries in the world who have a longest and huge border built. tsinshi huandi said that to Modun khaan of Hun empire this is our 2 nations border. han people will live south side of this wall and Hunnus would live in north side of this wall.

Today in China, Xinjiang,Mongolian and Tibet people still fighting against the Han people. i see that they will keep fighting in the future. if china want to stop them, just release them from china controlling. because they never accept china or han people in their blood and also 100% different culture,lifestyle, scripts and languages. they have their own cultures and life styles.