Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Liar, Liar

Liar, Liar

We were best friends, or so I had thought,
But why, I've seemed to forgot.
I gave you trust and friendship,
And in return you ruined our relationship.

I know I messed up and made my mistakes,
And one major one was not knowing my friends were such big fakes.
You think you've got it bad,
Well honey you don't know what you had.

You say everything's my fault,
Look in a mirror, son, and see your own ugliness,
And see how, without you, I am in pure happiness.
Take a look at your own happiness and see how it's declining.

You blame me for what people say,
But I can't keep the truth at bay.
You're hated, despised,
And about to meet your own demise.

That disgusting smile you wear,
Would make your own mother's heart tear.
You're hateful and disgusting and waiting to betray someone,
Now you're by yourself on that lonely run.

Even female dogs are more loyal than you,
And I hope your black ice cold heart breaks in two.
I always thought you beautiful, because I had thought you different,
But you proved me wrong.

Right or wrong,
You're going to go to where you truly belong.
I hope you think before you open your lying mouth.

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