Monday, February 10, 2014

Laws of Mongolia in English

Laws of Mongolia  in English 

The rule of law in Mongolia is a key factor in evaluating trade and investment opportunities. This section contains the country's laws most relevant to business. For each law, click on the pdf link for the English version. We should mention that the laws may not be up to date and amendments may occur that are not reflected in the body of the laws. If necessary, interested parties should check for themselves or with a law firm.

  1. Accounting Law
  2. Anti-Corruption Law
  3. Banking Law
  4. Law on Conducting Settlement in National Currency
  5. Economic Entity Income Tax LawAmendments
  6. Environmental Impact Assessment Law
  7. Environmental Protection Law
  8. Civil Code 
  9. Concession Law
  10. Company Law (revised) by Hogan Lovells LLC
  11. Company Law
  12. Customs Law
  13. Energy Law
  14. Explanation of Foreign Investment Law 
  15. Law on Regulation of foreign investment in economic entities operating in sectors of strategic importance (mongolian)
  16. Foreign Investment Law (unofficial translation)
  17. General Taxation LawAmendments
  18. Hazardous and Toxic Chemicals Law
  19. Land Law
  20. Licensing Law
  21. Minerals Law
  22. On Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing 
  23. Petroleum Law
  24. Securities Law (MNG)
  25. Securities Law (ENG) ("Unoffcial translation" draft of 10/22/2011)
  26. Securities Markets Law (revised and unofficial translation)
  27. Securities Markets Law (revised and unofficial translation)
  28. REVISED SECURITIES MARKET LAW OF MONGOLIA by Mongolian Stock Exchange, Aug 2013
  29. Social Insurance Law
  30. Tourism Law
  31. VAT LawAmendments
  32. Water Law

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